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Sanding and refinishing are essential to your floor's lifespan

Hardwood floor refinishing is a service that helps your floors reach their intended lifespan by removing decades of wear and abuse. In addition, the service aims to bring your flooring back to a like-new appearance, giving you decades more life before needing to refinish again. Read along to find out more about what these services can accomplish.

Sanding wood floors is part of the process

The first step in any refinishing project is to assess your flooring to see what needs to be done. Measurements are taken to ensure your floors are thick enough to withstand the sanding process, and we’ll also check for any subfloor issues or necessary repairs. Once that is done, we can move on to your sanding wood floors.

Once the sanding is completed, we can begin refinishing, with a new stain color, either in the same hue or a different one of your choice. Sealing and finishing come next, with a wide variety of finishes to choose from for the perfect look and feel. Some finishes, such as distressed, wire-brushed, and several others like them, can offer protection as well, hiding scratches and scuffs much more than the high-gloss finish that is so common.

The entire hardwood floor refinishing process can take some time, especially if you have large areas that need refinishing. However, great care is taken to ensure that your floors are treated with the utmost respect for the best possible results, and it shows in every step we take. If any issues arise during the process, we will let you know before proceeding, so be sure to speak with an associate about setting up your services today.

We offer floor refinishing in Knoxville, TN

When you need floor refinishing in Knoxville, TN, Knoxville Cabinets and Floors is your go-to source for materials and services. But we also take customer care just as seriously and strive for nothing less than your complete satisfaction. With years of experience, our veteran-owned company specializes in everything you need for a brand-new look.
Sanding And Refinishing in Knoxville, TN area from Knoxville Cabinets and Floors
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