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The excitement of choosing your hardwood floors

What better thing to do than to choose the perfect hardwood floors for your home? You’ll get to consider all the available options for your requirements and put together a stunning piece of your home décor that can last well over 100 years with proper care and maintenance. What’s more, you’ll find that these floors are perfect for a variety of spaces throughout your home, depending on the options you choose for each area. Let’s find out more about how you can create the perfect floors in your own home.

Hardwood floors are so much more than you might think

Many homeowners have a specific product in mind when they think about wood flooring. However, there are so many options; you can create the flooring of your dreams with just a few decisions in material, services, and installation procedures. And it all starts by choosing the perfect species.

Once you have a species that measures up to your lifestyle, especially if it’s busy and hectic, you’ll want to consider a sealant, stain colors, and an excellent finish. While stain color works with your overall décor, a sealant and finish can help create the durability you’ll need for floors that live up to their expected lifespan. For instance, a finish such as hand-scraped or wire-brushed can help hide signs of wear, so your floors look better longer.
For areas such as below-grade rooms, where solid wood is never a good choice, engineered wood flooring is a superb alternative. These floors stand up well to dampness, humidity, and broad temperature changes without any damage. You’ll find they are a perfect choice for these spaces, and more, to give you whole-home wood floors that will look great for many years to come.

Visit us for your wood flooring today

Knoxville Cabinets and Floors invited you to visit our showroom in Knoxville, TN, to find the very best floors for every space in your home. Whether choosing a material for basements or bedrooms, we have something for everyone. Our associates are trained, experienced, and ready to get to work on your flooring project, no matter the size, so be sure to visit when you’re in the area.

With a variety of excellent materials and services, we have something for everyone. If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming project, we’re ready to step in to help put your mind at ease. When you’re prepared to choose the best hardwood flooring, stop by, and speak with us.