When choosing the perfect solid hardwood flooring, one of the most important considerations is the species hardness, which caters directly to the lifespan of the flooring. The way that hardness is measured is essential too, and we're going to tell you more about that in today's post, so read along with us.

Wood flooring hardness options

As you begin delving into facts about wood floor hardness,  you’re sure to hear the Janka hardness test referenced more than once. This is the traditional test for measuring the hardness of any given wood species and is recognized by virtually all flooring companies.

The test measures the amount of force used to sink an 11.28mm diameter steel ball halfway into a wood sample surface. The result gives a hardness number that accurately speaks to your flooring materials' density and lifespan abilities.

As you might expect, the busier your home and the more traffic that comes through it, the harder your wood floor species should be to start with. However, you can improve the functionality of these floors further by adding the perfect sealant, stain, and finish, for protection against most average and above-average types of daily wear, including that of pets and children.

When you need a trustworthy hardwood flooring company

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