Whether you select engineered or solid hardwood flooring, you will see an immediate increase in your property values in two ways. First, 70% to 80% of the cost will reflect your home's value. Theoretically, a house once valued at $300K could become worth $324K.

Second, if you are even remotely thinking of selling, we’re told by real estate sales associates around the country that potential buyers often pay as much as 2.5% more for a home with wood flooring; plus, they sell faster and more accessible because of the visual appeal!

Style is another benefit

As you'll learn from our hardwood flooring company, these floors will instantly enhance your home. With the wide variety of stains, you can make them as light or dark as you wish, and if you decide to change color, all it takes is sanding and staining.

These floors work with decor from traditional to coastal, cottage to contemporary, so check out our inventory. We carry wood brands from some of the most recognized names like Cali Bamboo, Shaw, TecWood, Palmetto Road, and UltraWood, to name only some.

Long-lasting beauty

These floors last for decades. Solid has been known to endure for 100 years, while engineered has a life span of 50 or more years, giving another benefit, that of cost-effectiveness. With such long lives, there are few, if any, replacement costs because, unless there's structural damage, refinishing is all it takes for either to be brought back to its original luster.

Easy care

Both need only a regular (daily, if possible) sweeping or dry mopping, a weekly vacuuming (without beater bars), and a periodic damp mopping with a wood cleaner. Especially in the case of solid wood, which can be harmed by water, be sure to wipe polished floors well to ensure there is no liquid to seep into the boards.

Use everyday routines such as placing mats strategically at entrances; using protective pads on furniture feet; keeping pet nails trimmed so they can't dig and dent, and avoiding wearing stilettos.

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