Yes, and patterns and unique arrangements are a hardwood trend right now.

The herringbone wood flooring style

Herringbone is a classic V-shaped pattern that resembles a fish's bone structure. This wood pattern is often on museum floors and was also the original 19670s parquet pattern.

It was almost impossible to see a wood floor without it at that time. Then it got quiet for a while but is now back.

Professional installers can arrange the planks into herringbone patterns in a staggered zig-zag. You can also get them with the pattern on the plank.

Herringbone patterns and room size

These floors can make any space look larger.

If you choose lighter-colored solid hardwood flooring, it'll make the space look even brighter, airier, and more open. Incidentally, light woods are currently trending.

Is chevron the same as herringbone?

No, but it’s easy for the untrained eye to confuse them. The planks are angled differently.

We mention this specifically since chevron is also trending.

What are random-width floors?

This refers to planks of various widths combined in different arrangements. Wide planks are currently trending, but they can make an already-narrow room look cluttered.

A random width floor can be designed to enlarge the room visually. To learn more, feel free to visit our hardwood flooring company. Random (or mixed ) width work with any decor from traditional to contemporary.

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